Mouthpiece “The Lyrical Legend”
Ball of Confusion
The Immortal8:13



  1. Dont Matter 2 Me Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" ft. INFAREGG, Sleepa 4:25
  2. Hiyer Elavashun Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" 3:43
  3. City 2 City Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" 4:48
  4. By My Side Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" ft. Balla Scott 3:11
  5. All On You Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" ft. INFAREGG, BIG Bake 3:50
  6. WAKE UP Mouthpiece "The Lyrical Legend" 4:11
  7. $UPA$TAR Mouthpiece, Memphis Da DroMane, Trazay 2:36
  8. Broke Life (Remix) Lil Vicious, Memphis Da DroMane 4:11
  9. Dank Grippa Mouthpiece, Memphis Da DroMane, RaceBannon 3:39
  10. Who Don't Like It? Pt.2 Fr$nk 4wrd., Memphis Da DroMane, Mouthpiece, Mz. Keisha 3:50


  1. Freestyle Flow The Immortal813 2:14
  2. Everyday The Immortal813, Destiny418 4:17
  3. Ride Wit Me The Immortal813, Destiny418 3:43
  4. New War Order The Immortal813, Mouthpiece, Pernod Fils 4:49
  5. One Step The Immortal813 2:16
  6. Murder Of My Shadow Mr. Maniacal 4:40
  7. 1,000 Years Of Wisdom Mr. Maniacal 4:01
  8. Dark Chaos (The Death Of Me) Mr. Maniacal 3:18
  9. Smoke Wit' Me Mr. Maniacal 2:12
  10. Betrayal (And The Enemy Within) Mr. Maniacal 4:03

About Us

Hip Hop Immortal Records was founded in 2007 as the alternative to its parent company Maniacal Enterprises. As Maniacal Enterprises’ primary focus has always remained on underground, hardcore and gangster rap music, Hip Hop Immortal Records was established as the antidote to what major record labels has convinced music consumers that Hip Hop is.

Our sole purpose is to continually create and release only the best in [Real]  Hip Hop music while returning the genre back to its essence as a respected culture and art form. Our primary focus will always remain on giving the world the best in high quality sound recordings, as well as the most prolific artists.